Palettable 3.0 Released

I’m happy to announce the release of Palettable version 3.0. Palettable is a Python library that packages a variety of color palettes for use with matplotlib or really anywhere. Here’s the full diff since the last release.

This release includes a number of new palettes:

The new cmocean, matplotlib, and MyCarta palettes are created from data that contains 256 color points per palette. By default palettes are created with lengths 3-20 colors, but you can request longer ones via the get_map function. For example, to get the matplotlib Viridis palette with 200 color points:

In [2]: palettable.matplotlib.get_map('Viridis_200')

You can find Palettable on the web at:

P.S.: Here’s a little demo notebook.

Palettable 3.0 Released