Palettable is a utility for using colorbrewer and other color maps in Python and with matplotlib.

Days Since it Rained

DSIR is a web application that allows you to see how long it’s been since it rained at a given location (really airports). It can also display a year’s worth of rainfall history.

HTML Resume Template

My resume is in HTML/CSS and provide the template on GitHub.


ipythonblocks is a teaching tool for Python that works in the IPython Notebook. It’s especially useful for teaching loops and conditional statements. Users can share and remix work via


Open-in-nbviewer is a collection of browser extensions that make the process of viewing IPython Notebooks more simple. Anytime you’re on a page with a URL that could be pasted into nbviewer you can simply click the extension to open the Notebook in nbviewer in a new tab.


SnakeViz is a tool for visualizing Python profiles. It was heavily inspired runsnakerun, but instead of a native application SnakeViz runs in a browser and has minimal dependencies.

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