Heading to PyCon

Today I’m flying out to Santa Clara for PyCon! This will be my first one and I’m really excited!


On Wednesday I’m taking a couple of data oriented tutorials: Introduction to Pydata and Bayesian statistics made simple. I already know quite a bit on those topics but I’m looking forward to learning more about pandas and PyTables, and it can’t hurt to brush up on my statistics.

Education Summit

On Thursday I’m taking part in the first ever Python Education Summit. There should be a lot to learn about teaching with Python and I’m curious to see what is done in venues other than Software Carpentry.


I haven’t yet decided on all of the talks I want to see but Daniel Greenfield’s PyCon guide has given me some good ideas. My own talk on Teaching with the IPython Notebook is on Saturday at 1:55 PM. The talks immediately after mine look interesting; the first is on building scientific applications with Python and the second is about Numba, a tool for speeding up numeric calculations.

Job Fair

There are a ton of companies signed up for the PyCon Job Fair, I’ll definitely be there with my resume!

Say Hi!

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people at PyCon! If you would like to meet up at the conference drop me a line on App.net, twitter, Google+, or by email. See you there!

Heading to PyCon

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