If You Want to Build the NumPy and SciPy Docs

This week docs.scipy.org has been down, but folks still need their NumPy and SciPy docs. To fill the gap until docs.scipy.org is back up I built the docs for only the latest stable releases and uploaded them to GitHub pages:

How to Build

(Note that I’m working on a Mac and these instructions are a little Mac/Linux oriented. The procedure on Windows would not be drastically different, though.)

Install Dependencies

You need several things installed in your Python environment in order to build the docs. I use conda and all of these are readily available through that. (And as part of Anaconda.) Here’s the list of things you’ll need:

Sphinx is a wonderful tool for building static sites from reStructedText files. The sites don’t necessarily have to have anything to do with Python, but the real magic of Sphinx is its ability to import Python modules, read the docstrings from them, and turn those into API documents. (Read more on Sphinx’s autodoc extension.)

Get the Source Code

Clone the NumPy and SciPy repositories from GitHub. The source files for the documentation is included with each repository. You can optionally check out a release tag of the repo so that you’re building the docs for that release. For example, conda had installed NumPy version 1.8.2 so I wanted to build the docs for that version. The NumPy repo included a v1.8.2 tag so I checked that out so I’d be building the docs for that version:

cd numpy
git checkout v1.8.2

It’s best to have the repo match the version of NumPy you have installed. If you’ve just installed NumPy from the GitHub repo you can skip the checkout of the release tag.

Building the docs depends on some things that are included in the repos via Git submodules. These need to be pulled in with an extra step. After cloning, run these commands:

git submodule init
git submodule update

That will pull in some extra stuff required for the docs.

Run the Build

Change directories to the doc directory:

cd doc

You should see a Makefile here, and a source directory. That source directory contains the Sphinx configuration for NumPy and all of the source .rst files that will be compiled to build the docs. With all the dependencies installed and from the doc directory you should be able to use the Makefile to start the doc build:

make html

This will take a while, print out tons of errors and warnings (that you can hopefully ignore), and finally produce compiled HTML under the build/html directory. Open build/html/index.html to see the result!


If all you want is the commands, here they are (assuming dependencies are installed):

git clone https://github.com/numpy/numpy.git
cd numpy
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd doc
make html
If You Want to Build the NumPy and SciPy Docs

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