Open in nbviewer Bookmarklet

Last week I made a Chrome extension that opens your current page in nbviewer. This isn’t ideal, though, since it is limited to people who use Chrome. Today I learned about bookmarklets, which are little bits of JavaScript that live in browser bookmarks (thanks Ethan). The Chrome extension is just a little bit of JS so it was easy to adapt into a bookmarklet. To use this bookmarklet just make a new bookmark (call it whatever you want) and copy this code into the URL field. Once you have the bookmark just click on it while you are on any page that can be loaded by nbviewer.

Open in nbviewer Chrome Extension

I got tired of pasting URLs into nbviewer so I made a Chrome extension that will try to load your current page via nbviewer.

For example, if you are at you can click the “Open in nbviewer” extension button and it will load in a new tab. It also works for URLs ending in .ipynb.

You can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store and see the code on GitHub.

I took the extension icon from the nbviewer favicon, so thanks to them for that! Thanks also for making something as awesome as nbviewer, it’s getting so I couldn’t live without it!